By Pauline

« Inclusive, sustainable and made in France »

Founded in 2018 by designer Pauline Ducruet. Alter is a visionary brand born to embrace and inspire the freedom of self. It was created out of a strong commitment to a more responsible and inclusive society. She wishes to convey an ideal of tolerance, love and respect for gender diversity. Alter’s identity is based on four pillars

Alter addresses everyone, regardless of gender, while defending and encouraging respect, tolerance, freedom of ex- pression and love.

Alter clothing line is a place of confluence, at the crossroads of diverse identities. A meeting of contrasts between luxury and underground that are reflected in both the clothes and the brand’s ideals. Sumptuous silks with raw edges, textured vegan leathers and singular cuts: a non-conformity that invites the taming of the wardrobe, that combines to luxuriate, play and transform.

Alter integrates a sustainable approach into its crea- tive process. Upcycling, product traceability and transparency are commitments dear to the designer: Made in France, meticulous sourcing of materials, upcycling of fabric scraps, dyes guaranteed to be chemical-free, etc.

Alter modernises the non-gendered wardrobe by proposing inclusive, non-binary, high-end and ambivalent fashion: chic pieces to wear in all circumstances. Each piece, made to one size, is innovatively engineered for self-styling and chic versatility for every form.